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Be Safe with Fender Mender

Remember, you have the legal right to select the repair shop, even if insurance is paying. Read the information below, and you'll learn why you can still confidently choose Fender Mender for body work and painting.  We are also offering some deals!

Important Changes in Operation

Everyone has a pretty good idea what COVID-19 is and what we all are supposed to be doing to prevent its spread, and to “flatten the curve”. If you are interested in our COVID-19 response, view it here.

Below are some of the other special precautions we are taking to make sure our customers and our employees remain safe from COVID-19.

For Our Customers

Pre- and Post-Repair Sanitizing

Damaged VehicleWe have developed a checklist and a sanitizing procedure based on this recent Consumer Reports article. When you drop off your car, we sanitize it for our employees. When it’s completed and ready to roll out the door, and you tell us you’re ready to pick it up, we sanitize it again for you. Your car is then locked up in our lot and you will be the next person to get in it.

We are thorough: the first thing we clean when you drop off and the last thing we clean before you pick up are your keys.

No-Touch Drop-Off

All paperwork is done via email and phone. When you bring your car in, we ask that you put your keys in a supplied envelope. The next person that touches your keys is someone in our sanitizer crew.

No-Touch Pickup

All paperwork is done via email and phone. Your car will be sanitized and locked up in our lot, the key will be put back in the envelope you used to drop it off. The envelope is stored in a “sanitized” basket until you arrive. Select your envelope, get your keys out, and go! Of course, you may have to pay us first…

No-Touch Estimating

All in-shop estimates are now by appointment, and conducted as a drive-through service. We’ve already set up a drive-through lane! We get your customer information when you call for the appointment; when you arrive, we ask that you stay in your car while we examine it. Once we have everything we need, we wave goodbye. Within a few hours you will receive the estimate by email. We still offer on-line photo estimates here.

For Our Employees

As you can see, we are doing our part to minimize the spread of COVID-19. Please do your part too!


Fender Mender has been deemed an “essential and critical business” by state and federal government. For verification, see this document under the transportation heading.


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