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A word about Customer Loyalty

We love our customers...they are why we exist, and they are why we succeed. When they need us, we're here for them, and over the years many have needed us more than once!

Just how many repeat visits have our customers given us?

  • 4944total repeat visits
  • 42892-5 repairs
  • 5635-9 repairs
  • 9210 + repairs

Written Customer Comments

If you haven't read our three home-page customer testimonials, scroll down to see them here. Otherwise here are a few of the many comments we have received over the years:

I appreciate so much the wonderful job you did on my car, it's like a work of art. You restored it back to it's original appearance. My family and I are so amazed!

  • Dr. T & Family
  • 2006 Mercedes E350
  • $21,142.89
  • rear end damage

I just wanted to thank you for the work done on my car and for handling such a messy situation so professionally. I am very satisfied with the way my car turned out and will most definitely recommend your shop to anyone. Also, thank you for working with me last Friday and releasing my car to me w/out my insurance company's delayed payment. I really appreciate that.

  • Christy D.
  • 2004 Infiniti G35
  • $1,870.32
  • front bumper

Monte, my car hasn't looked this good - inside or out - in years. Thank you so much.

  • Stephanie Y.
  • 2005 Mercedes S500
  • $4,114.60
  • side hit

I have never had a customer complain about your shop, for all these years (I started in 1978). Keep up the good work.

  • Senior Auto Damage Appraiser
  • Nationally Recognized Insurer

Comments from customers from our customer satisfaction surveys:

They were very personable!

  • Lorraine M. - 2006 Infiniti

They did a great job!

  • Jaye C. - 2003 Mercedes

They were really wonderful!

  • Anthony R. - 2002 BMW

They were friendly and took care of me!

  • Lourie A. - 2004 Honda

They did a great job and it was a good experience!

  • Jeff F. - 2010 Audi

They are top notch!

  • Kirby T. - 2010 Mini

They were nice and friendly, did a good job!

  • Lorraine B. - 2007 Kia

I love their work!

  • Barbara W. - 2008 BMW

They always do great work!

  • Renee M. - 1998 GMC

It was a great body shop experience!

  • Jeffrey B. - 2010 Audi

They are wonderful and I appreciate it!

  • Jan G. - 2005 Volkswagen

They do high quality work, and it's nice having a local shop!

  • Joshua H. - 2009 Hyundai

They do outstanding work!

  • Scott D. - 2003 Mercedes

I would highly recommend them, they are very professional!

  • Lori H. - 2001 Mercedes

Keep up the great work!

  • Niko S. - 1998 BMW

They do excellent work and are very professional!

  • Rita F. - 2006 Toyota

They are very honest and ethical people!

  • Doug F. - 2004 Lexus

They did a great job, my car looks perfect!

  • Tracy M. - 2010 Chevrolet

They have great service!

  • Bryan F. - 2005 Mercedes

They always do an excellent job!

  • Leona Z. - 2007 Mercedes

They are very professional and honest!

  • Abdy A. - 2002 Infiniti

They did a great job! My vehicle looks perfect!

  • Sheila M. - 2008 Volkswagen
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